Almost Over

There is only one more week in the run of my one man show,

“The Art of Nature”


Yep, I’ll will be taking the photos off the wall and removing the pieces that I get to keep.

If you did not get to see the show… go NOW!

If you are too far away you can see some great photos by clicking HERE.

I also was written up by Christopher Thomas in the Jacksonville Daily News and you can see his article by clicking HERE.

But the fun part will be to deliver the pieces I sold.  I love the idea of knowing my work is in the hands of someone who loves it as much as I do.

And being able to deliver them and see that reaction again will be a lot of fun.

red anvilAs I said before, I now get to do the recreating, and redesigning of the pieces which sold.  I never want to make the same piece twice.  So each piece I make can be unique in the world…or… unless you are a Si-Fi believer in a parallel world on the other side of the sun…the only one in the UNIVERSE!!

I think it is nice to ponder (yes I used the word ponder, I am from the south) something in your possession as being the only one.  The only table, the only piece of artwork, the only handmade wallet even.  Things created by hand are almost always going to be one of a kind.  There are processes to make reproductions, and they are fine.  But having something which is one of a kind, is special.

Being able to know the creator of an object is special too.  That is why I love to go to shows where people sell their own work.  You can talk to the creator,  ask them about their ideas, their technique, their joy of creation.  If you do, you will receive some of their creative joy and excitement.  You will also  be rewarding the craftsman by allowing her, or him to share that joy with you.

I am off to a new project, making an outdoor tree about 9 feet tall…but I’ll tell you about that another day.

In the mean time, ask a craftsman his thoughts on a piece you like… you will probably make his day by giving him a chance to share that love with you.





I Made the Daily News!

I had an interesting day not long ago. 

I was interviewed for the Jacksonville Daily News Business Spotlight section of the newspaper.  The interviewer came to my studio and we sat down for about 45 minuets with the tape recorder running. 

She did a great job of getting right to the heart of things.  I am interested in making items which make people feel special when they see them.  Too often we have to settle for less than what we want in life.  Too often we have to accept less than what we deserve. 

The article came out about 3 weeks later and it was a lot of fun to see my photos in the paper.  Lots of friends and acquaintances contacted me to say congratulations.  It was a fun week. 


You can read a PDF version of the article in the news section of my web page or just click on this link 

And if that doesn’t work just paste it into your browser.