The Headless Saint?

I had the privilege to be in Bamberg, Germany this past summer. And as things go when, you are in old European cities, we went into one of the two large cathedrals in town.

And I saw something I just could not figure out…

There was a lot of art on display… much of it very old carvings and statues. I have always been fascinated with the beauty and skill involved in stone carving. So when I see something that would have taken months to create I pay attention to the details. It’s a kind of respect for the unknown artisans whose work is on display, but their names have been lost to time.

So when I saw this statue standing behind a pillar on the side of the alter area…I was interested.


I was taking photos of the sculptures…I looked up to see this priest standing there…. with his head in his hands!   No explanation, no name, no one looking at it but me. (except Claire, after I drug her over to it saying “girl, you ain’t going to believe what I found).

When I returned home I started researching it and found out that the depiction of a saint holding his own head is a common thing in art. Some still have the halo still on them.

And it has a name! Cephalophore. From two Greek words meaning Head – Carrier. Apparently some saints were said to have been beheaded and then got up and picked up their head and walked around … some for quite awhile.

Enough history.

Some unknown 14the century carver spent a lot of his time carving that saint’s statue. And it is wonderfully done.

It is just seemed a little unusual to see something like that in church…

Check it out for yourself. It’s in the Bamberg Cathedral and well worth the trip!


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All They Needed Was a Pole….Art All Around You

I found another piece of art hiding in the “regular” world.

And I am adding it to the “Find Art Where It Is” project list.

It is just a column in front of a store, but no, they took the time to make it nice!

And that makes it art.



Just look, art is everywhere. We just have to find it.


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Come on Folks…Look Up!

stone 2aI was in a rental car parking garage recently.

On the 5th floor…




I looked out the windshield of my vehicle and saw the stonework on the other side of the street.






The building had beautifully carved details on the top of the window section… on the fifth floor!



stone 1a

OK folks.  Look up!  There is beautiful craftsmanship all around you.

You just gota look!


But for today, I have done it for you…

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Tombstones are a funny thing…said no one except me!

stones 1

Last summer when we were in Dublin, Ireland,  I started photographing the carvings on tombstones.  I thought the artwork was really good and also very interesting.

Then I notices there were a lot of tombstones around… (well there have been people living there for a LONG time.)

So I guess it should not be a surprise to me that at times… some things get out of place. stone 2

Every cemetery we saw had a place where “un attached” stones were placed.  Usually they would just lean them up against the wall.   Most were unreadable, but some were still nice.

That just seemed funny to me for some reason.

It is kind of a crazy thing to talk about… but what the heck

I just thought it was interesting and thought I would share a couple with you.

toom stones