The Bored Buddha

I have always loved sculpture.

All kinds of sculpture.

I think sculpture can bring things to life in so many ways. It can be a beautiful clay pot on the table, or a giant piece of marble carved to look like a small child covered with a delicate flowing robe.

Now with that said, I have tried a lot of different kinds of sculpture.

But the one I am showing you today is cast stone.

Or as a builder might call it…concrete.

Yes, the same thing your back patio is made of can be used to make sculpture.

(artist just don’t want to call it concrete…cast stone sounds better)


On this project I carved the design from plaster and then made a rubber mold from it to cast the “Stone” in.

I called him the “Bored Buddha” because he just looked like all that enlightening was too tiring on that day.

I think he turned out well… but what I really like about him is that, after about 10 years, he finally has moss growing in him.

As a matter of fact a lot of the stonework in my yard developed moss last year. I am really liking the aged look and am encouraging more to grow wherever it can.

I hope you like the little guy (he is about 11 inches tall).

He has been watching over our yard for a while and now just seems to fit in even better.

What have you been growing moss on lately ?

I would love to hear about it.

Send me a message, or even better, a photo in the form below.

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Thank You North Carolina

A good friend of mine as spent a lifetime working for the people of North Carolina. He was wanting to leave something for those who carry on after you leave is a nice way to say thanks for the opportunity. He came to me after seeing some of the things I had done, and said make me something beautiful and unique.

Then he said something that is wonderful and scary at the same time; “just do what you want”.

Now that could be a great thing… or it could come with a heavy burden. Like, what if they don’t like it?

So I took off and created a version of the State of North Carolina what showed the features and wonderfulness of the old north state.

state s


It started with a computer drawing of the state. I added layers to enhance the differences between the coastal plains, the piedmont, and the mountains.

But the interesting part was to create pieces to highlight the different areas of the state.

Cotton farms, tobacco farms, the outer banks, Raleigh, apple farms. All the things that make NC great.

To top it off, I made it about 5 feet long. It’s for the wall and will need a whole wall to live on!

And the finished piece.

And the finished piece.

All the parts for the city of Raleigh

All the parts for the city of Raleigh



















The painting went well and I was thinking he would love the design.

The mountains were fun to build.

The mountains were fun to build.

And in fitting with the business he was in…

we met on the side of a road to make the transfer.

That is always the best part of any piece I create. Seeing the reaction when I show the piece to the client. He brought his wife, and their reaction was why I am here.


It now lives in an office in Raleigh. And he is thrilled to know that he left a memento his time with the state in the office he operated.

Good times for all.

Thanks for looking and I would love to hear your comments or questions.

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Working With Nature’s Help

The typical winter day in Coastal NC happened yesterday.

35 degrees on Monday…70 degrees on Tuesday.

Yes this is January in North Carolina.  And I love it!!

I was in need of some interesting driftwood for a sculpture I was creating and this was the perfect day to see what nature had washed down the river.


Yes that is what the sky looks like on a Carolina winter day

I have the advantage of having the best kind of boat…one owned by a friend.

But he is as interested in finding cool things as I am and was more that happy to be out of the house and out on the river.  So we were off.

Trying to find just the right piece.

Trying to find just the right piece.

We were looking for pieces with character.

Nature has a way of making things interesting, by twisting and stressing them in a lot of ways.  It makes for interesting wood and beautiful results come from interesting wood.


There is so much movement in the grain of this piece of cedar that we had to try to figure out how to use it.DSCN0961s



The day’s hall was kind of unruly as we made out way back to the docks.   Now the challenge is to create something which celebrates this piece of nature’s handiwork.


I’ll let you know …and of course… show you pictures.


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