Lord of the Rings… in My Studio

I have a young friend who has been learning metal working with me over the past year. 

He started out wanting to make a huge sword he had seen on Lord of the Rings.  I talked him down to making several knives first to learn the process.  He is a fast learner and getting to be a great craftsman.   

Cutting with the plasma torch

Well, he called me the other day and wanted to make some weapon the Orks (?) used in Middle Earth.  (It has a name… I just don’t know what it is, sorry)

I told him to design it, work out all the details, and then we would give it a run.

The finished sword

He did, and I simply showed him some small suggestions and by the end of the day he was done. 

I think it is ready to be coated with Dragon’s blood for protection and sent out into the magical world.

The cool pic