Table Art

In my “Art All Around Us” hunt I found some in the most unusual place…a table.

Now I don’t mean on the table, I mean the table.

We were eating at the Rx Restaurant and Bar in Wilmington NC and saw a collection of tales which had been made by a craftsman.

The design was interesting. It could have been made of steel and glass…but NO!

They made it cool.


And for that I am thankful.

So thanks to the folks at the Rx Restaurant and Bar, for the treat, both on the table, and the table itself.


If you see some art that is there just because someone decided to make it nice, take a photo of it and send it to me.

The world will be a better place when we share the “Art All Around Us”


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It is Just a Door!

Well, my quest for the “Art All Around Us” kept me close to home this time.

I was in Wilmington NC. and went by one of two old firehouses (that I know of) and got a quick photo.

This is not a firehouse anymore…I wish it were my house… but the guys who crafted this door (probably about 100 years ago) sure knew the art of their craft.

And if they were around I would love to thank them for making it great.


I am out there every day looking for the art we just walk by without noticing. Feel free to join the search with me.


I’d love to see your finds.

And your comments.

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Art Where You Find It

My quest for all the art around us let me to Des Monies, Iowa recently.

I was out for a morning walk (I use to have morning runs… but I aged out of that) and saw these street signs.

They were carved from clay and represented scenes from the past life of the area.




There was no need to make them this nice… they just did.

And for that I say thank you.


Art is out there… we just need to look up from our phones and see it.

You will be surprised at what you see.


As always, show me the art you find.

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Come on Folks…Look Up!

stone 2aI was in a rental car parking garage recently.

On the 5th floor…




I looked out the windshield of my vehicle and saw the stonework on the other side of the street.






The building had beautifully carved details on the top of the window section… on the fifth floor!



stone 1a

OK folks.  Look up!  There is beautiful craftsmanship all around you.

You just gota look!


But for today, I have done it for you…

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Custom Whisky

I had heard a thing or two about the folks in Scotland being interested in the finer side of drinking whisky.

Then I walked into a Whisky Maker’s shop in Edinburgh!!


As you can see on my face,  I was amazed, and a little intimidated by the “Science” of it all.

Many of you already know, I am a process man.  I want to know how everything is made or how it works.

With that said.

All the different parts, flavors, ingredients, bottles, hoses, and other adjustments which can be made to a bottle of whisky were daunting.

But when you think about it…

it was nice to know there are folks out there who have mastered all the above!




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Quality Art is Smart and Beautiful

I was recently at the Lenior NC sculpture festival. There were about 50 sculptors presenting about 140 sculptures.

The show has been going for 39 years, and they say next year will be even greater.

I had one piece entered in the show. It didn’t win, but it was purchased…and I kinda think that’s a win.

But I love celebrating quality work wherever I see it, and I saw a number of great pieces that weekend.   I also love art which shows ingenuity and craftsmanship…I call it smart and beautiful.

I met artist, Eric Isbanioly, a North Carolina artist, and was fascinated that he had created a coffee table.  It was very well crafted and very interesting.

elemental joe

You may not know without being told, the base of the table is a model of the coffee molecule. (It is a coffee table isn’t it?)

Eric named it “Elemental Joe”. There is even a little chemistry information on the website for those interested.

You can see more if his work at, or email him at

More Carved Stone

(OK maybe not Carved Stone… But close).

I have a backyard with a number of flowerbeds… In my brain, if you make a flower bed, you work hard for a little while and it is done.  If you have a lawn, you work hard every week.  So I have made flower beds from the beginning.

The trick to a nice look with your beds is to have sharp, clean borders.

I achieved it with vintage bricks which I salvaged from the demolition of downtown Jacksonville.  (no surprise to anyone who knows me)

Well, the bricks get knocked  around and run over by the lawn guy

               (no I don’t cut the grass myself anymore, so some of that introduction doesn’t work anymore…)

So I decided to design and cast my own edging stones.

I have tried this on a smaller scale with edging for the herb garden around my pizza oven.  Here is a photo.

small stones

I wanted a bigger stone for the beds,  one that would be further in the ground and hold more mulch behind it. 

First, drew out a design and got it approved by my art director (aka. wife).

drawing small





I carved the design from plaster.  It is a whole lot softer to carve than wood or any other material I know.  And if you screw up just add more plaster and start again.








Next came the process of making the mold.  The “Smooth On” company ( yes, that is their name) has a number of “rubber” mold making materials and will gladly explain it to you on their web site. 

I bought a gallon mixture of mold making stuff, mixed it as directed, and poured it over the plaster piece…                                   waited one day…   and ta da  it worked.

I have been casting one piece a day for about a week.  I made a rolling cart, which is my version of a production line.  The mold and a new casting is on one side, the newly cast, one day old piece on the other.  After they are out of the mold for a day they are gently set aside to cure for another day.cradle 2


So far so good.

But remember, I have a lot of flowerbeds so this may go on for awhile….like maybe a year….i guess I should do the math and really see how long it will take.

As always I would love to hear your comments or suggestions.

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