Mending a Broken Heart


The Bee Gees had a song, long ago, about mending a broken heart. They never really had an answer on how to do it…but it was a start.

Which leads me to the piece I have been working on for the last couple of weeks.

I was asked to create a piece of art for our local arts council’s Cre8 Gala. (

It is a fund-raising party supporting and celebrating all the wonderful opportunities our Arts Council makes available for the children (and adults) of Onslow county.

Artist were asked to create a piece of art on an 8” x 8” canvas (provided by the council) and donate it to the Cre8 Gala.

Well, as you know, I am an outside the box thinker and a metal artist… so mine is a little different from some of the others.

I have been experimenting with moving pieces lately and wanted to create something with movement for my 8×8.

After a little thought, why not come up with a cure for a broken heart. (Remember the Bee Gees reference from the first paragraph?)

That is right… I know how to fix a broken heart. And you can own this remedy for a small donation at the Cre8 Gala.

I want to make a short movie of the piece in action… but that will come later.

So for now, here it is.

heart 4a

heart 3a

I call it “How to Mend A Broken Heart”

but you can call it yours, if you are at the Gala on September 14.

Tickets and more info are available at

If you have any questions, would like to know more about the Gala, or just want to comment on the blog;

Feel free to contact me with the form below,

or at email



I met a young artist the other day.  Keoki came to my studio because he had done some welding with his grandfather and was interested in seeing what I was doing and the equipment I had on hand.

Oh, did I say, he was 13?

We talked for a while and I showed him all my projects, in various levels of completion.

Then we talked about his art.

He has been working on abstract art made from cut paper.  He showed me several of his designs.

They were intricate art.  It obviously took a lot of concentration to reach the level of this work.

And all from a teenager!!  As they say in Brittan ….Good form old chap…


Then he told me he had made one for me!


What do you think?

It is going on the art wall in my office.


Young artist need to be encouraged.  So I am helping to make him known to a few more folks.

You can comment on the form below, and he will see them.


Thanks for reading.

We Declare the World as Our Canvas


In my searching of the web

I have found some interesting things.

 And being an artist, I look for art.          

Here are some of the more interesting pieces

          I have found recently. 

                       Some will make you laugh

                                 …some will make you think.  

                                            …so, Enjoy!

It Can Be Fun Or Crazy

Or Crazy

Or Make You Look at Yourself


And one of my kid's fav.

Think About It!

and there is always Banksy

You can find more at   Street Art Utoia



This is a Great Idea

And check out these too…

This is a Great Idea

Here are some more of the College for Creative studies program to promote arts eduction…

This Is a Great Idea

I received information about a new ad campaign to support learning and studying the arts.  The College for Creative Studies  in Detroit  has a way of looking at things differently.  They are using the anti drug style to make the point of promoting the arts. Check out these photos.