Outer Space Art

I have been working on an “out of this world” project for the last couple of days.

It started when Dr Chris Barnes from White Oak High School, (here in Jacksonville), asked me to consider a new project.

He explained that there are only something like 35 astronauts in the whole US… and one of them is a grad. from White Oak High School.

I was amazed.

Christina Koch contacted the school and told them about her plans for the year 2019. Those plans included two tours on the International Space Station. And she asked Dr. Barnes if the school would like to send a piece of WOHS memorabilia into outer space.

…he said yes…

He then asked me if I would design something and submit it to NASA.

…and I said yes…

We decided one side would show the Viking head (for WOHS). And the other side show the space station.

I then took my computer drawing to the great folks at “I Need It Now Trophies” in Jacksonville. I got them hooked on the outer space idea, and watched Hatch go to work making the engravings.

We made 2 different sizes, so they would have a choice. (NASA still must approve them)

coin 1

The brass disks were polished and clear coated for protection.


It was fun to work on and I think they came out great.


So, watch the night sky next summer and see if you can catch a glimpse of the little brass coin flying around the world.


Your comments are always welcome. You can email me at Steve@stephenzmetaldesigns.com, or use the form below.

shirt front s


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  1. What an extraordinary opportunity for you. I think the coins are wonderful. Great job!


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