I was in the back yard the other evening and noticed one of my first folded dogs.

Yep the granddaddy of them all. He was just sitting there enjoying the sun…

I really enjoyed designing and making those guys. They were little dogs made from one piece of steel, folded down the back.

I made a bunch of those guys. Me and the 5 members of “Rusty and the Crew” were great studio partners for a couple of years.

Some of the first ones I made, as I was experimenting with their design, have lived in front of my studio for several years now… There used to be about 8 of them out there, just hanging out, talking to each other… chilling in the sun and cold alike.

Well, some of the local neighbors have… “apparently”…taken a few of them.

I don’t look at it as stealing,

I look at like, adopting a pet from the pound.

Apparently, they cared enough to love them,  take them home, and love them!

I’d like to think they have gone to good homes.  I believe they did…


They cared enough to get the very best!


I hope nothing of yours has been “adopted” by someone else… but if they have I would love to hear your story.

Use the form below and let me know how it went…

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