Locks of Love Bridge



We were in Germany this summer and found this bridge over the Rhine river. It had tons (yes tons) of locks attached to the railing. Now I understand that there are many bridges in the world where lovers attach a lock with their names on it, and then throw the key in the river, as a way of binding their love. But this was the first one I had seen… and it fascinated me.


There were a lot of locks on this bridge! It is a big river and a long bridge. One of the guides in the area commented that there was a similar bridge in France where they were worried about the amount of locks, and specifically what their weight would do to the bridge. He was quick to point out there was no such concern here in Cologne and noted the differences between French engineering and German engineering.

(He was more concerned with all the men coming bank and jumping into the river to try and retrieve their key.)


There are a lot of locks on the bridge. So many so that more recent lovers have had to be creative in where they place their locks. Any attachment will soon be covered with locks…or any lock will be covered with locks!


Being an artist and a metalworker I looked closer at the thousands of locks and found a number of great/ interesting ones to share.

So here we go;

Many were animal designs, from turtles and lizards


To fish and dogs



Then of course there were the large vintage locks.


All of them were interesting in their design and size.


I liked the ones which showed some handmade work on them


Then came the unusual locks.

Most seemed to have an Indian feel to them, I am not sure of their origion, just judging by the designs.



And every now and then the metalworkers would add their own touch and make one from scratch.


I wasn’t real sure of the idea behind these next three locks. I thought that giving away the shape of the key would kinda negate the whole purpose of having the lock. But check these out anyway.


Then there is always that one guy who has to show his love as bigger than anyone else and, sure enough I could not miss the 10 inch lock near the far side of the bridge


So if you are in Cologne, Germany, take some time to slow down and see the interesting ways people are “locking in” their love over the Rhine River.

But be ready, there are a lot of people ahead of you!


I’d love to hear your thoughts on the bridge, or your photos of one you have found.

Send them with the form below

Or email me at steve@stephenzmetaldesigns.com

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  1. They are awesome. I love the turtle one best.


  2. Thanks so much for posting this. I was totally “engaged” by the interesting different locks. Thanks again.


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