New Nativity Pieces



This is a photo of the manger I designed for this Christmas. It is about 8 inches wide and is made of stainless steel

But all I made were immediately snatched up as soon as they arrived and there was no time to make any more.

If you were one of those who asked me about having one, or you are interested in starting the collection, send me your email address and I will contact you next season and make sure you have one reserved.

I will also be making additional pieces next year, and adding to it every year afterwards.

It should be a fun process of seeing what we add each Christmas.

So if you missed it this year and are interested in celebrating the nativity with me, drop me a line via Facebook or at

Oh, and I hope you have a Merry Christmas.


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  1. I am interested in your nativity scene. Would you give me information about it? Your work is a gift from God. I am so proud of you and your success. Love everything I have seen. Hi to Claire.


    • Becky, thanks for your kind words. I am collecting emails of the folks who want one and will contact you later in the year for the orders. By this fall I will have a collection of different pieces for you to select from. So just email or FB message me and ill get up with you later.


  2. Save one for me next year!!
    Merry Christmas!!


  3. I’d love one reserved Steve.


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