Being Led By An Eagle

As you know I love finding art for my ”The Art All Around Us” project.

While we were eating out in the city of New Bern, NC  we came out of the restaurant and walked past the historic skipjack “Ada Mae”.

And right there on the front of the boat (they probably call it a spear of strut or something like that) was a carving of an eagle heading into the wind.

I thought it was great looking even after 101 years on the rivers and sounds of Eastern North Carolina.


Capt. Ralph Hodges absolutely had no idea this photo would be on the internet all these years after he had it carved. But I am glad he decided to have his work boat made a little nicer by adding that piece of nautical history to the bow.

If I could go back 101 years and thank the Captain for making an interesting piece of history. I would also tell his daughter the boat named after her would, for a hundred years, be putting smiles on the faces of people who appreciate beautiful things.

The Capt. could have skipped this carving and saved the expense. It was just a working boat anyway.

But no,

He decided to make it nice.

And for that I thank him.


I would love to see your finds of the “Art All Around Us”

Or hear your comments on the ones I find.

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