A Worn Out Sign…?

I am in the process of making a company sign for the inside office at a construction firm.

I was sent the logo and given a unique challenge… make it look old.

As you can imagine, most of the painting and finishing I do involves working hard to make it smooth and clean. Nope, he wanted it aged and weathered.

And that’s where the fun comes in!

I was shown this photo of the design on one of their trucks.



I started by drawing the design on my computer and figuring how each piece would lay out and interact with the other parts.

The design was then cut from 16 gage steel with a laser. That resulted in this pile of parts. And yes, they all meant something to me and had a place in the design.


The threaded rods that were to hold the whole thing together were welded onto the back of selected parts so that they lined up with the precut holes. Then after cleaning and degreasing, the fun began.

I knew that there needed to be a top coat paint with the correct colors, some primer showing, and some ware through to the bare steel. That was created mostly with paint and a sanding block.



Different layers were added to parts and then wiped off while wet and/or sanded off when dry.



A little work on the wire wheel and I was on the way to making it right.


I then thought that many signs I had seen still had the gloss finish as well as a more matt finished in some areas. So that was an easy fix. Just use two different finishes and blend them together.


After all that paint dried, I spent some crazy amount of time stacking the pieces, calculating the spacers and just making sure the design still worked.



But I think the design turned out great. It is on the way to the owner and I know he will love it as much as I did.


I would love to hear your comments;

Use the form below or just email me at


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  1. Wow, Steve – that looks great!



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