The Bored Buddha

I have always loved sculpture.

All kinds of sculpture.

I think sculpture can bring things to life in so many ways. It can be a beautiful clay pot on the table, or a giant piece of marble carved to look like a small child covered with a delicate flowing robe.

Now with that said, I have tried a lot of different kinds of sculpture.

But the one I am showing you today is cast stone.

Or as a builder might call it…concrete.

Yes, the same thing your back patio is made of can be used to make sculpture.

(artist just don’t want to call it concrete…cast stone sounds better)


On this project I carved the design from plaster and then made a rubber mold from it to cast the “Stone” in.

I called him the “Bored Buddha” because he just looked like all that enlightening was too tiring on that day.

I think he turned out well… but what I really like about him is that, after about 10 years, he finally has moss growing in him.

As a matter of fact a lot of the stonework in my yard developed moss last year. I am really liking the aged look and am encouraging more to grow wherever it can.

I hope you like the little guy (he is about 11 inches tall).

He has been watching over our yard for a while and now just seems to fit in even better.

What have you been growing moss on lately ?

I would love to hear about it.

Send me a message, or even better, a photo in the form below.

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