NO! It’s Not Always Organized

I do a lot of mechanical things in my work. I design and present a lot of my work on the computer. People are often amazed by some of those technical aspects. (Most of the time it amazes me too)

But to be honest…sometimes I just wing it!!!

I am currently making a security gate for a home and they wanted to add a Panamanian style decoration as an accent. I drew it on the computer and presented it to them for approval.

All was well until I had to …as I say… make it go 3D.

Transferring the design to the steel so I could cut it was kind of complicated. The steel only comes in one shape, and I had a lot of small pieces to cut and fit into that space.

So after a few tries, I just decided to go “low tech” and I taped paper to the gate and drew it with spray paint.




It may not look great right now. But I have a design I can work with in life size pieces.

And for this project, the low tech way is the best way.

I’ll post a photo when it is done, but for now, its paper and cardboard… enjoy!


If you have a low tech solution to a high tech problem I would love to hear about it. Use the box below to tell me about it, or even send me a photo to I’d love to see it.

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  1. I like the high tech cardboard and paperwork. 🙂 Proving use everything you have at your disposal. 🙂


  2. You do such creative and cool things!


  3. Steve,
    Looks great and now I’m excited to go to your studio to see another work of art come to life!

    Willy Abril
    Supervisor V-22 New River
    W 910-449-5523
    C 910-320-1657


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