Little Giant Power Hammer

I bought a Little Giant 25# power hammer a good while ago…


I refused to bring it to the studio to start the rehab (it’s about 100 years old) because I knew I would get no other work done while I played with it. and I had a lot of work to do!

Well I finally had to get it out of a friend’s storage unit so it has made its way to the studio.


It is small for a power hammer just a 25-pound ram. But it will do a lot hammering that will make my arm feel better. Step on the pedal and watch it do about 60 hits per min.   Or I can hold a 3 lb hammer in my hand and do about 10 hits per min… you see where the tradeoff is?


Anyway, it will need some work and rework to get it running perfectly

but as you know

that is part of the fun.

These are  ome before photos of the hammer. It is about 5 feet tall and weighs about 900 pounds.

Yes, I will need to find out where it will be located in the studio, and get it put there real soon.

More photos to come as I get it rebuilt and working.

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