Alpaca Art

A good friend of mine has an alpaca farm!

Yes, an alpaca farm.

He has been raising them for several years and has a number of award winning animals. It is a fun place to visit.

When he asked me to create something to decorate the front porch of the farm, I jumped at the chance.

He wanted to add a small herd of alpacas being watched over by the “guard llama”. Yes, the llamas guard the alpacas… like watchdogs.

IMG_1185s (2)

I found photos of the animals on line and drew silhouettes of the different animals. The plan was to attach the silhouettes to the railing on the front porch.

And the porch was about 30 feet long.

So we needed a good size herd.

I showed the drawings to Gary (the alpaca rancher) and he pointed out I had several llamas in the group….

I thought they were all the same….nope.

IMG_1309 (2)

We cut them from steel with a plasma cutter and mounted them on the porch. The effect was a lot of fun. The llama watches over the littler alpacas from one end and the barn cat is on top of the rail, watching the other.

IMG_1313 (2)

But a fun thing happened when we mounted one of the groups.

From the front the look like we planned them. But from the back, they seem to be peeping out from around the pickets.

It is an interesting effect that just happened on its own.


I would have liked to say I planned it that way… but it was just fate.


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  1. Well done!


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