Do you have any idea what this dark, almost black, round thing is?pulots 2s

Well let me tell you, it is a Pluot!

If you have not tried one. Go out right now and find them, and eat one!

If you don’t know where to find one, try looking at a plum farm. Or look at an apricot farm.

If you are really smart, go to where there is an apricot farm right next to a plum farm. Yes a pluot if a cross between the two.

And they are great?

Sweet fruit with tangy skin.

Hunt them down and bite one… you will enjoy it.

Trust me!

shirt front sAnd when you do, drop me a line.

You can use the form below


email me at



  1. Steve,
    Good morning, well it looks like we are going to have to tear down part of our close in garage door. A leak has developed , slow leak. Last night I saw it oozing out of the wall, opposite side of the fridge, line for the filter water most likely. Today I’m going to call the a mason to come and see best way to cut out the brick. Steve I thinking to put a access panel where we cut out the brick, this way I have access under the kitchen floor for any future emergencies.
    So I was thinking would you mind in building us a gate/access type of panel? We will gladly pay you for your time and materials. I don’t know the size but it should not be more than a four by three at most as it is only and access whole to get under the kitchen floor.

    Willy Abril
    Supervisor V-22 New River
    W 910-449-5523
    C 910-320-1657


  2. Or you could bring me one home!! Me


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