Riblicious in Pittsburgh!!

As some other you know, I have been doing work recently in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

I usually try to do most things “non-touristy” whenever I go somewhere new. Seeing it the way the local residents do is always more fun.

Last time in town, I had missed the opportunity to try ribs from a local rib joint in the historic district. A friend had gone down to get the ribs in the middle of our workday and the old man cooking the ribs kept looking at him and saying “not ready, come back later”.

But, “not ready” and “later” just never arrived so we were not able to have any that time.

So on this trip… ribs were on the agenda!



I am a firm believer that you should not judge a book by its cover, but the cover of this book was “very interesting”.

It was in a “not so renovated” building just outside of the historic district and the downstairs/ restaurant was occupied by a cooler where he stored the drinks, potato salad, and coleslaw; a prep table, and a huge steel box which went to the ceiling.

That steel box is where the barbecue ribs were cooked!

Now you have to remember, I am from North Carolina, and North Carolina is famous for barbecue. I had never heard of Pittsburgh barbeque. But it came with rave reviews, so I was up for the game.

My friend and I walked down to Wilson’s Barbecue and I noted, as he pointed out, the subtitle of Wilson’s was riblicious, not rib-a-licious.

I have to admit, had I been by myself I may not have gone to this place.

But when we got in to that smoke-filled room, smoke saturated with the smell of cooking barbecue ribs, I was delighted.

The husband and wife (I assume) team working there appeared to have been cutting and cooking ribs since I was born. (He picked the ribs up with his hand)  A large black metal box was on the right-hand side with several doors in different places and smoke coming out of all of them!

I wondered how it worked. I looked at my partner and asked about the doors. He didn’t know, and the Wilson’s did not appear to want to answer those questions.  So I moved on…

The menu was simple; big rib platter, small rib platter, coleslaw, potato salad, drinks, maybe something else I just can’t remember because the smell was fabulous, and the smoke was burning my eyes!

As we paid, I asked if they would mind if I took a picture. Here’s what the inside looks like.


We took our bags, paid and headed back up to eat outside. The weather in the end of August was a beautiful 70° and sunshine with no humidity. All you North Carolina barbecue fans will recognize that was totally alien to me, and was a wonderful change.

We were going to take pictures of the barbecue… mine being a small plate Ben’s being a large plate…. but it just never seem to happen. When you are picking up juicy/ fabulous ribs covered with hot sauce, grabbing a piece of equipment like a camera just doesn’t seem to be a smart thing to do.

Oh, did I mention that we had Cherokee cola to drink. It was something like a version of Cheerwine that we drink in the south. It had an Indian head on it and work perfectly with the barbecued ribs. So I am now a Cherokee cola fan! I even found some to take with me for the trip home.

So if you’re in Pittsburgh and want to have some great ribs with your Cherokee cola try Wilson’s barbecue.

I don’t think I’ll tell you where it is. If you really want it, then hunt it down yourself.

It is truly riblicious.

shirt front sIf you have tried Riblicious  ribs, or just want to say “nuh uah, ours are better” feel free to comment on the form below,

or email me at steve@stephenzmetaldesigns.com




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