Bent Forks?

Ever wonder where they find those interesting wedding reception name place folders?


Well, for the one hundred and twenty guest at a wedding next month… I made them!

Sounds easy doesn’t it.

Wowwww Noooo.

I was asked if I could do the job and I thought “how hard can it be. Ya just bend some forks”.

Then I started thinking about it and decided they all needed to be perfectly balanced and matching in order to look good.


So I made a small tool. The answer to all things metalworking.

It has been said that a blacksmith will spend 5 hours making a tool which will save him 5 minuets of work. Well I am not that bad,   but I did NEED the tool!

Just a small bender to make the curves identical each time.

Then a stand to hold it still…

Then a designated clamp to hold the fork flat on the bottom.

Etc etc etc.

But it was something new…. And that is what I like doing, new things.

Hopefully they are fun, and cool.


So what do you think of the fork place holders?

Leave me a comment below of just email me at

Oh, one more thing, if you need to set up place cards at your next function… I have a tool for that!


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  1. Love ’em!



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