Great Show Last Night!

Well the Friday opening has now come and gone and I had a great time!

The four artist represented were a great mix.  Beautiful art was everywhere!

Four of my five pieces have been purchased, but will remain in the gallery for the run of the show.  So come on down and see it for yourself.

At the same time, a lot of friends have asked me to post photos of the pieces I created for this show.  So here they are…


The collection comes from a series I call “Taking Flight”.  The pieces represent leaving your restrictions and taking off to freedom.

The first one is called riding the waves.  I saw pelicans on the beach flying in formation and riding the air currents over the waves.  So I recreated it with a series of 3D pelican cutouts flying over a piece of twisted and carved cedar driftwood.

DSC_0110a ss

The second piece is a celebration of the hatching of a nest of loggerhead turtles.  They fight their way out of the sand nest and break free for a life in the open ocean.   I called it “Flight to the Sea”.

DSC_0131a s

The third sculpture is “Migration” and is a cluster of butterflies suspended from the ceiling and allowed to rotate with the air.  It was airbrushed to give it a slight coloration each one.

DSC_0106a s

Number four was the centerpiece of the butterfly collection.  It is entitled “Breaking Free”.  The five foot tall sculpture starts with a curved sheet of metal with parts of butterflies being cut and breaking out from it.  They develop more freedom and eventually break away and swirl around until they are free.

breaking free s


Breaking Free is still available… if you have a place in your home which needs the spirit of butterflies…

And the last piece was another driftwood piece with butterflies circling around as they climb away to the sky.    It was entitled “Breaking Away II”

DSC_0119 a s

So there you go.   I had a blast creating them and will be making more.  So stay tuned.


As always, I love hearing your impressions.

You can use the form below

or email me at

shirt front s



  1. Great work, Stephen! I love the butterfly sculptures.



  2. wow!! I should have been there to see them in person !!!!


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