Art Nouveau

I recently was asked to create a set of window decorations for a downtown historic home.  The brick row house had been built at the turn of the century and was being been brought back to life with renovation, modernization, and the sounds of laughter and love.#1

I was asked to work with the owners and design a set of window grills which would be historically correct and complement the existing architecture.  We started by identifying a style which was period correct complimenting to the building.  Then the fun part kicked in, creating the design details that would be beautiful, functional, and something I could create from hundreds of miles away.

The turn of the century Art Nouveau style with its sensual curves and arches was just the thing and an overall design concept was drawn.  Each window would have a slight variation of the design to match its size and location.

Even though building the units was a lot of work, it was exciting to see them come to life as the weeks went by.  Our paper designs transferred into steel beautifully, and the aged bronze finish was perfect for the site.

#2The design was altered again to create a set of doors for the front of the house.  The tall open space allowed for an elegant door with 8 foot panels. The metal complimented the existing carved wooden doors, without distracting from their beauty.

As anyone who has done work on a historic home knows, instillation is always a challenge.  But I had world class assistance and the pieces went in beautifully.  The fun part was having discussions with the neighbors as they came by to check out the work.

It was a blessing to be able to collaborate on such an interesting and challenging piece.  I hope the work is there to compliment the home for another 100 years

And as always, I love hearing your thoughts and comments.

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  1. They are beautiful, Steve. I love the design. Art.


  2. […] past year I was asked to create some Art Nouveau window screens. (check them out here)  There were about a dozen units to make, with about 10 curves […]


  3. These look absolutely beautiful. I’m so glad I had a chance to see them in person in your shop…so gorgeous!


  4. love it when a plan comes together. excellent work.


  5. Just love this on Steve. I guess I have a soft spot for the period. Love it, love it, love it.


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