Yes, They Were Chicken Wire Lions!

Last summer we were in the UK for a vacation.

We went to the Tower of London to see all the history.  While we were there, I noticed something on top one of the back walls.

Chicken Wire Lions!!!

lion 2 s

An artist, who’s name I unfortunately do not know, had crafted life size and realistic looking lions from chicken wire.lion s 1


Knowing the British people, they probably have a more interesting name for it than chicken wire, but that is what I call it.


They were placed without fanfare, and allowed to be discovered on your own.

lion 3s

I think they were fabulous!


I’d love to hear what you think.


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  1. They are amazing! I’ve got to find a way to re-blog those, for now I’ll share on Google+


  2. Thanks Willy, I went to her web site and there is a video of the lions being made … check it out.


  3. Also it is not chicken wire but medium of galvanize wire 😃


  4. Steve the artist name is Kendra Haste


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