I met a young artist the other day.  Keoki came to my studio because he had done some welding with his grandfather and was interested in seeing what I was doing and the equipment I had on hand.

Oh, did I say, he was 13?

We talked for a while and I showed him all my projects, in various levels of completion.

Then we talked about his art.

He has been working on abstract art made from cut paper.  He showed me several of his designs.

They were intricate art.  It obviously took a lot of concentration to reach the level of this work.

And all from a teenager!!  As they say in Brittan ….Good form old chap…


Then he told me he had made one for me!


What do you think?

It is going on the art wall in my office.


Young artist need to be encouraged.  So I am helping to make him known to a few more folks.

You can comment on the form below, and he will see them.


Thanks for reading.



  1. Thanks for all the nice compliments here and via email. I have forwarded them to Keoki so he can see them too.


  2. Steve,
    The RV I spoke to you about is built by this artist, Cat, name Blastolene and he has a way with metal here is a you tube link for the RV he built, double decker.


  3. Amazing design! That would look insane as a 3d sculpture! Young Keoki has some serious potential! Keep an eye on him Mr. Z!


  4. Love that – Keoki has a great eye for design.


  5. Pretty awesome. It’s several images in one piece. I love it.


  6. Wow! What a great eye and an interesting perspective! Keep it up!


  7. That is amazing, Steve. He is very talented.


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