Pittsburgh Trash Can… YES!

Finding art all around us is my (sorta) full time task.  If you open your eyes, you will find it too.

I just returned from Pittsburgh… what a great city, by the way….and I found art in interesting places…like the trash can.

Not in the trash can…the trash can itself.

Yes, the trash can. trash 1s

They had cans at the Mount Washington overlook above the city, and upon closer examination, there was something very nice about them.  The design on the side of the container was a cityscape of Pittsburgh, complete with trees underneath and the stars above.  There were even tracks for the Duquesne Incline Tram which takes you up the side of the hill.

It was just a trashcan holder… but someone decided it needed to be art!

And I got to experience it.  Then those with me did also, ‘cuse I stopped them and made them look!

 Bravo to you, Pittsburgh trash can people.  

(I am sure there is a more formal name…just don’t know what it is…Sorry).

You guys made art where there is usually no art.

And I thank you.

Here are two more photos of art just because it would make the place nicer.  They are from Pittsburgh’s Mexican War Street District.  They were carved about 100 years ago, but that just make them better.

carving shands s











Keep sending your finds of art- just because.  I love seeing them.


You can use the form below or email me at:





  1. Hope to see you in the A to Z Challenge again this year!


    • I missed it last year… but it was fun. if I can reconnect with them ill give her another run.


  2. Great ideas Willy. That is all true. we need art everywhere. if it has to be made…make it nice!


  3. Steve,
    Wow this is nice, and I’m sure it gave you ideas. What about a beach scene with turtles, light house, wild ponys, that would be the sheet of metal that is cut to show the scene, then behind it a flat sheet but between the sheet you would put LED lighting so that it would give out a backlight at night. Gates, porches etc could have this idea not just a garbage receptacle ☺


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