Why Don’t We Do More of This?

I found this water main cover in the street. ,


And I had to ask the question, “Why don’t we do more of this?” It took about as long to make this one as it would to make an ugly/ simple/ uninteresting one.

But they decided to make it nice!

And write it in Gallic.

Cool huh!


They didn’t just paint an arrow on the ground for directions either.

Here is the way it should be done

No they made it nice!



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  1. You are absolutely right. We have sacrificed beauty for practicality when they both would work together. One problem is that we no longer have the wonderful artisans that do this work, except a few, nor do we have enough public interest in this endeavor to make our man-made and natural environment beautiful. We are too much in a hurry to take time to appreciate anything in a world that has become entirely too materialistic. A wise elderly shaman once told me that she had very few things but those that she had meaning and beauty. We are sacrificing too much for too much. Joyce


    • I am with you Joyce. If it needs to be done… do it the best you can! Beauty is only one step away…take it! the world will thank you for doing so.


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