Tombstones are a funny thing…said no one except me!

stones 1

Last summer when we were in Dublin, Ireland,  I started photographing the carvings on tombstones.  I thought the artwork was really good and also very interesting.

Then I notices there were a lot of tombstones around… (well there have been people living there for a LONG time.)

So I guess it should not be a surprise to me that at times… some things get out of place. stone 2

Every cemetery we saw had a place where “un attached” stones were placed.  Usually they would just lean them up against the wall.   Most were unreadable, but some were still nice.

That just seemed funny to me for some reason.

It is kind of a crazy thing to talk about… but what the heck

I just thought it was interesting and thought I would share a couple with you.

toom stones


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