Jewelry- Under the Sea

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to interact with a number of different artists as I go about my day.  And I am always looking for the  “art that is all around us” in every day life.

The two came together recently.

I have met a truly talented jewelry maker who has a unique style and is actively working to develop that style.

 Maggie Whaley works with copper and brass using cloisonné and enameling to create new and interesting jewelry. octp-  si

I had the opportunity to see some of her work recently.  The piece is a necklace in the shape of an octopus.  Whaley’s octopus is made of copper and the layered cloisonné creates the look of thick colored glass.  Silver cloisonné ridges offset additional shapes and colors to make it even more interesting.  A nice contrast is created by some of the background tentacles remaining unembellished.

The octopus is finished off with a simple copper colored chain.

Even with my poor photography, you can see it is a great piece in its own right.view 1s




Then to make the necklace more unique, she has paired it with a display mount which represents a boat and sail.   I don‘t think my photos do the design justice.  The whole piece stands about 9 inches tall and was beautiful to see.







The boat’s dark color comes from pickled copper and the sail retains its natural copper color.  When the necklace is not being worn, it hangs on the mast of the boat with the chain arranged to look like rigging.



The necklace and mount nicely compliment each other.

Maggie will be going on line with more of her creations in the near future… so keep watching.

I certainly will let you know when it happens.

I am sure she would like to hear your thoughts on the octopus necklace.

You can email them to me and I will be sure she sees them.

Or just use the form below.




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  1. Very unique and beautiful.


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