Holding the Whisky

1It is not every day that the average person is asked to make something unique.

But I am in the wonderful position of having a job where I am constantly confronted with the question,    “Can you do this?”

My answer is always, “yes I can”  and then I have to step back and wonder…how am I going to do that?

But usually it’s is not the technical aspects of the project, but rather the artistic.

Like this request…

“My husband is coming home from deployment and I want to give him something interesting as a welcome home gift.  What should it be?”

Wow that is a lot of leeway.

She did give me the patch for his unit and thought I could do something with the design

.        Now apparently there is Scotch out there which cost a fortune and is only consumed by those who really know what the heck they are tasting.  And her husband is one such appreciator of fine, aged scotch.  So there was a place to start.

She gave me a bottle (empty of course)  to check for size and we finally decided to make a table top bottle holder with the unit logo as part of the design.

That seemed to be something I had done before,  except for one thing… it was tiny!  With tiny parts!2

But I had said “sure I can do that”  so it was on!


I drew the design on the computer.  The parts were really tiny when I shrunk them to the size they needed to be….real tiny….

The frame for the actual holder was designed to hold the bottle and also make a statement on the table.  It drew out nicely and would be clean looking and sharp.

3My laser cutter was amazed at the size of the parts and said some of them now live in the bottom of his machine….  But he got the job done and shipped them to me.


Bending the frame and assembling the tiny pieces were not as difficult as I planned   (yea right)

I lined the bottom with a felt cushion and covered the bottom with cork to make for a

The bottle of that fine scotch sits on a felt cushion, with cork between the holder and the countertop. 4a


And I am happy to say that a Marine who returned home safe from a bad place, is able to enjoy a little something special.

And I was thrilled to be part of it.

















I’d love to hear your comments,

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