The Christmas Crane

Here it is !!

The “Christmas Crane” is my entry into the Wee Tree Show in Jacksonville next weekend.

crane 1

The Wee Tree Show is a part of the Onslow Caregivers, Inc 12th Annual Festival of Trees.

It runs from Sat Nov 22 at 10 am to Monday Nov 24th at 2pm.

There will be about 100 “Big” trees on display, in every style you can imagine.

But the part I am interested in is the Wee Tree Show.

What is a Wee Tree?

Well, I am glad you asked.  It is any tree you want it to be, but it has to be less than two feet in any direction.

The wee tree contest is a judged event where the overall winner is added to the “Permanent Collection” and re-shown each year.

Here is last years winner

… yes…I won last year. (So I had to show it to you again….don’t judge me)

Charlie Brown tree

The other trees are available to the public in a silent auction with the proceeds going to help Onslow County Home Health and Hospice.

It is a lot of fun.  There were about 20 trees entered last year.

This year I felt like I needed to go in another direction …crane 2

so I went industrial.

The Christmas Crane is all copper colored steel with balls attached to cables and tied at the cross pieces on the bottom of the tower.

crane 3

The star on top of the tree has a multi jointed drive shaft connecting it with a crank at the bottom of the tree, so the star can spin.

Be sure to try it out!  (Yes you can touch)

And speaking of the tower… yes it is a little crooked… but that makes it more lifelike… or is it just more fun to do it that way?  Oh well, anyway…

If you want to see some great Christmas decorations go to the National Guard Armory next weekend and kick off the holiday season with inspiration for YOUR tree.

And be sure to vote for your favorite Wee Tree.

As always, I welcome your comments.

Use the form below, or email me at:


  1. I grabbed your crane image and linked back to you!


  2. Hi Steve Z!! Great stuff, best of luck to you and Happy Holidays!!


  3. Best of luck Steve!


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