What People Will Go Through For Comfort

Here is a couple examples of exotic steps done for the purpose of making a bike seat comfortable.

They both come from England. Give them a look to see if you can justify all the engineering.

Number 1


All those springs and extensions make the seat bounce a little more… why not add some cushion to the seat!

But it did look cool in its day, and it still works!

The owner let me ride it and I must say, it was better than if there were no springs… but still kind of stiff!


Number 2

And now here is a historical one I shot in a museum.


This one is really involved,  and apparently, it cannot be used by short people.  Rube Goldburg could not have designed it better.

So I made a diagram to help the mechanically challenged out there.

bike seatStep 1:  the bottom of seat post # 4 is attached to bike

Step 2:  rider’s butt is loosely attached to seat #1

Step 3:  bike hits a bump creating upward pressure on post #4

Step 4:  that upward pressure is counteracted by butt weight at #1

Step 5: upper seat post #2 reacts by moving down on the pivots       attached to seat post #4

Step 6: as a result the spring attached to #2 stretches and allows the sear to travel downward

Step 7:  Butt at #1 feels less of the bump referenced in step 3

Not bad for 18th century engineering.

Lots of interesting things in this world…I just happen to find the weird ones.

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