Wild Looking Bikes of the UK.

The Wild Bikes of the UK

As you may know we spent a month in the UK this past summer. We had a wonderful time and were exposed to many things we had not seen before.

One of the interesting things I noticed was the number of bicycles used in the UK. I am a bicycle rider so it was especially interesting for me to see the volume of people using human powered machines.

As you can see by the photo below, (taken at the train station in Bath, England) a lot of people use bicycles!


So, you know me, I started looking around for interesting looking bicycles. And trust me there were a bunch of unusual bicycles to photograph.

      Here is a selection of interesting ones I thought you might be interested in seeing…


As in many cities, moving goods for businesses is often done on bicycles here is a perfect example of a bike made to carry cargo.  The front wheel linkage engineering is a little involved….but I guess that is what you need in order to get that box to carry your supplies.  And it makes it cooler too!

We saw a lot of these cargo style bikes, this one in Scotland. Slightly different still doing the same job.


And they all were used as advertisement as well.

DSCN0859asI guess this was the original DUI vehicle… from the country side of central Scotland. The name says it all.



Of course people always make variations and use them to their own needs. This one had been converted to carry two small children.



I loved this bike. It flashes back to the big wheels of old… which were almost impossible to ride efficiently. But with the smaller wheel, it was written all over town.   And the pretty basket is a plus also.  I would love to find one of these for sale. I think it would turn some heads in the neighborhood.



I call this one the industrial bike. It had a huge basket on the front to. They had to shrink the front tire in order to make it fit. Then to top it off, the kickstand has to be added to the front to balance out that big box so that the bike doesn’t fall over.




This one was a lot of fun. I walked up to buy ice cream from this man and found him very interested in talking about his bike. It is a real bicycle that he actually rides to work with ice cream in the cooler. He mentioned that it probably weighs 200 kg which may be in my estimation about 440 pounds.

He did mention that he lives downhill from where he works, which makes his ride home much nicer. 



And finally, a bicycle built for two.

                                      As long as you don’t mind the skeleton…


I am always looking for interesting things, and I found a lot on our trip to England. So I am sure I’ll be showing you more .

If you have any comments, you can use the form below…

or you can email me at steve@stephenzmetaldesigns.com.












  1. Hey Stephen,

    Why not build your own bicycle? That would be a cool project!



    • Chris, I agree, I just need to find time to design something different and get going on it.


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