Keeping My Eyes Open

In my business details are always important.  And, attention to details is vital to obtaining a quality finished piece of art.


Well, that attention to details…and being a very observant person, results in the discovery of interesting things that others just don’t notice.


I have, in the past, called this kind of observation “art all around you”.  Finding where beauty was injected into everyday, ordinary things.


Enough “Art Talk” what I am here to show you is a crazy observation find from a recent trip to Wales. (yes, the one next door to England).


I found a caution sign at a car park…(what we call a parking lot).gate 1


It had all the traditional signs indicating you can walk and bike and get by.

3 signs


But watch out… they felt there was a need to advise those around to the potential hazard of getting hit in the head…by something that is coming down from above the head…

4 sign

I don’t know why they had to provide advice about the gate hitting your head…but they did.


And there you have it!

Keep your eyes open and you will be amazed at what you see…


I’d love to hear about it when you do,


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