The Arbortech Pro

My new wood grinding wheel has arrived!


It will replace the old “Chainsaw” version you see here:

blade 1

blade 2






The old one worked well but it was scary to use some times.  It always wanted to dig in and gouge more than I wanted.  It took a lot of technique to get it to work and produce the results I wanted.  After a day of carving my hands were pretty sore and tired due to the need to control the grinder with a lot of force.

The new one will still have to be controlled as safety is always the concern when you have a tool spinning at 10,000 RPMs.  But the Arbortech is made to work smoother and cleaner.

I cannot wait to get a project going with the new tool.

Here is an example of a bowl I made with the grinder:


You can see another bowl I carved by clicking here.

I get burls most of my burls from a local sawmill and tree trimmers I know.  Here is my current collection:

burl 1 (10)

The Metal turtle head at the bottom of the photo is not a burl….it is a metal turtle head!

I am currently working on this one,


It is Oak wood, and about 18” x 36” x 7”tall.

I have been drying it for over a year to keep it from cracking.  It was hollow to the point of being 2 to 4 inches thick when I got it.  I ground it down to a uniform 2 inches to start the drying process.  Later I went to about 1 inch…

Now I have the Arbortech!  Who knows what will happen!

I’ll post some photos when I have it finished.


If you have any ideas drop me a line at:

or use the comment box below.




  1. Stephen,

    You’re going to have a lot of fun with that cutting wheel – it’s my preference of the two styles by a mile.



    • thanks Chris, I think it will be a lot easier to use and the depth restriction design will be a positive addition. I think it will be fun.


  2. All the best with this. that chain looks horrendous!


    • yep, I am looking forward to trying it out…just a little busy to do it right now. I did some nice things with the chainsaw version… but this should be nicer.


  3. Have you try this wood carver? They work awesome !


    • That is great… I am just not sure how to direct him to where I want him to cut…


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