Building … the Ground?

torch 3s

The WISHING TREE is on its way toward the sky.

It seems to grow more and more each time I work on it… but isn’t that what the work is all about?


I have the lower root structures made and I think they will work just fine.  Now I needed to connect them to the ground and each other.

Which leads me to today’s work.

………………Making the Ground…………………… 

( I said that with the deep voice and the echo in the background)

The ground will be a piece of ¼ inch steel cut to the design plan and welded to the bottom of the tree frame.

I wish I could do it like God did during creation and just “speak it into being”.

But NO, I have to do much, much more to get there.base 3s

I cut out the design from the steel using a plasma cutter and then welded the separate pieces together.  There are holes cut at specific spots to allow for the mounting bolts to come through and hold the whole thing on the concrete base.

After welding it together it seemed to work out just fine.

Not sure when I want to attach it to the trunk.  Because when I do it will not want to be moved around as much as I move it now.

We’ll see.  This thing is getting heavy!

More to come later.

If you have any comments or ideas for me, just email me at

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  2. Stephen, your artist’s eye sees things that are not yet, but could be…and I am fascinated at these little glimpses of the process. As a craftsman in metal and wood, it thrills me to see art being created from the same materials I use in a more “functional” mode.

    Your vision and inspiration are among the reasons I nominated you for a Sunshine Award. Stop by my blog and check it out, you deserve it!


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