The Wishing Tree

I was recently contacted by a nearby town and asked if I would like to work with them on a project for their downtown revitalization.

The downtown area of this community is a quant three block area with old brick buildings and lots of interesting details.  It is just underutilized.  People would love the area if they would just cone see it.

The town has set out on a plan to make changes to attract more folks to the area.  One of the ideas involves me.

They designed a plan to place a “Wishing Tree” in the newly designed main street park.

The tree will be a place where people can write their dreams, worries, wishes, or prayers on a piece of cloth.  Then the small cloth pieces will be tied to the tree to blow in the wind.  I see it as a way of letting your worries go.

I thought it was a wonderful idea and jumped at the chance to be part of the plan.

wishing tree 1sI noted the main tree in the town was the Oak, so I started designing with the Oak in mind.

My first design for the tree was upright and tall.

We later revised that to be a little more bent and tested.  The new design better represents the toils of life.  At about 10 feet tall it will be an interesting sculpture.

tree 2s













The idea was approved by the council and the building process is off and running.

I will be posting blogs about the creative process as I progress, so keep and eye open for the growth of the tree.

If you have any comments or ideas for me, just email me at

or you can just use the comment form below.


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