All Scrolled Out!

I have spent the last 2 days designing a series of wrought iron arches for a custom made cabinet unit.  Duet Fine Wood Work had been commissioned to create a cabinet unit for a client on the west coast.  It is being made of beautiful mahogany, and will have all the finer things i.e.. custom made moldings.

After I saw the 60% finished piece I was a little intimidated.  David, the craftsman making the piece, was giving me dimensions for the decorative grills and when he started breaking it down to the 16th of an inch…  I really got worried.

There is a saying in the woodworking world;

Measure twice and cut once.

Well, in the art metal world it’s a little different.  If I make it too small… I can just add a piece, grind the weld smooth, and tada!  It’s the right size.

No, David has given me exact dimensions and has shown me the cabinet is perfectly square.  (yet another problem for me)

I decided that I was up for the challenge.  I can make exact dimensions and right angles….it just takes more effort.

The final produce will be fabulous.  And I will be part of it!

This week I made the frames and moved on to fitting the scrolls into them.

It has been a long 2 days, but the work has been a blast.

Here is a sample of one piece.

grill 2s












And a smaller one,grill 1s





I think I can do this … have fun doing it … and have it fit perfectly!


There is much more to do but I thought these looked cool and wanted to share them.

As always, I would love to hear what you think.

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  1. I saw the print on paper and thought “what a job that is going to be!”. But as usual Steve has made it to perfection. Great job, I know David’s client will be very pleased.


  2. As usual Steve – great work! I understand about metal work now that I’ve done some. I call it ‘horse shoes’ compared to wood work that needs such precision. A weld can fix a multitude of sins!

    Take care!
    ( ps – I’ve sold some of my pottery in local shows lately! )


  3. Are you free-bending those, or (as usual) did you make up a handful of jigs? And that looks like 2 or 3 different gauges of round stock (or is it flat?)…but scale is hard to determine without a reference.

    Beautiful work, I’m impressed!


    • Nick, they are both hand made and pre-bent 1/4 x 1/2 steel. Some are totally created, some need to just be adjusted to the right shape. I don’t use many jigs as each piece needs to be slightly different because the edges are constantly changing.


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