What is it Supposed to Be?

OK everyone.  Especially all you wood people out there…


Here is a piece of wood I collected on the New River several years ago.

It is a trunk of a cedar tree, about 3 feet long.  But as you can see it had lived an interesting life.

tree 3s

The piece was blown down by the weather and had hung itself up on a swampy bank.


We cut it and brought it home for future use…that future is now.






Here is a top view showing how the tree wraps around itself and then returns toward top of the tree.




Here is a side view

tree 2 s









And the other side


tree 1








What should it be.

I would not mind carving it… or slicing it into a slab of some sort…


I tried to listen like George Nakashima…but for 2 years it has not talked to me.

Maybe it will say something for you to hear.


If you have an idea

Email me at steve@stephenzmetaldesigns.com

Or just use the form below.


I am waiting for ideas…

1 Comment

  1. Stephen,

    Very interesting piece. I don’t see anything immediately but will keep looking. Can you give me a year or two? 😉



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