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I took several pieces of my “The Art of Nature” collection to an arboretum art show this weekend.

I was set up on the lawn, in a beautiful area, and surrounded by beautiful art pieces.

As I interacted with the patrons as they came by, I noticed something interesting.

Everyone wanted to touch the cypress top to the Seashore Table. seashore s

They would walk up… look at it…then reach out and slide their hand down the length of the piece.

The finish is nice.  It is smooth.  It had the epoxy inlay where the wood was cracked (read about it here).

I just thought it was interesting how people wanted to be in contact with that smooth piece of wood.


I took it as a compliment.


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  1. Steve, it is interesting to observe people’s physiological response to our work. Interest is first shown in the feet. People will turn their toes toward what interests them. Then they move closer. The hands have the capacity to discern the true from the false, and so, touching has to become engaged as interest is aroused.

    When I go to museums, I have to hold my hands behind my back most of the time to resist what would of necessity come next. And we are all the same.


    • Doug, I watched the folks today, and your feet theory was right on. interesting to see in action.


  2. Stephen,

    That is true. Doug Stowe noted the same thing at his recent showing – regardless of the signs he had posted.


    • Chris, unfortunately the sighs often do not stop me either…I guess I should do better.


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