Mountain Laurel

I was thinking of making a small table stand which reflects the style of the Mountain Laurel.  The problem was the flower of a Mountain Laurel has dozens and dozens of small flowers clustered together in each flower. small flower photo

Well, I worked on a way to make the flowers and came up with a design idea that I thought would work.

So here was the plan:

-Draw the design on the computer and then cut it with the plasma cutter,

-Heat each one to red hot and dish it with the ball peen hammer and swedge block.

-Weld a stem to each flower.

-Weld the stems to the shaft

swedge blocksmall

Not too much work…. until you notice there are about 35 flowers to each cluster.

So I made a little video, of part of it, to show you how long each one took.





Take a look:

See more of it in my solo show at the  Arts Council starting on Sept 8 and running through the 28th.

Think there was a better way to make it?

Give me an email or leave a message in the comment section below.






  1. Steve – very cool! I’m so excited for you and your show coming up. This past weekend I cut up a steel drum and some stove pipe to make a wood fired downdraft kiln out of a 55 gal steel drum. I love the smell of hot metal! Also, I just signed up for a design workshop doing metal work in Austin with Jack Sanders. You continue to inspire me! Thank you!


  2. You wouldn’t have to do all that correcting if you just did it right the first time! 🙂


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