Interesting Things Are All Around Us

I always hear people telling me that I have some “special imagination power”.

That I just see things they don’t see.

Now, I don’t think they mean “psychic” power… just the ability to think of things they would not think of themselves.

I take that as a complement!

Back in April, I participated in a blog challenge:

to write a blog each day and have it correspond to a letter of the alphabet.  28 days – 28 letters

  (Or is it 26 letters?…sometimes the details don’t really matter to me..)

I decided to write about all the interesting/ beautiful things around us.  Those things we see … but don’t see.

It brought to mind that many, many people spend their lives missing things.

The old saying

                      “stop and smell the roses”

is a great concept to live by.

Today’s lives are going by so fast that we don’t see what is all around us.

I would like to think that I have learned to look around and see thing that others are missing.

And if that is a superpower… then so be it.

Today I saw something interesting in my studio.

There are always spiders around, looking for their next meal, and this guy used some of my expanded metal to help himself out.


Looks like someone else is thinking outside the box…

Welcome to my world Mr. Spider!

Take some time every day and see the interesting things around you.

Send me a photo of them when you do.

Or just fill in the box below.

In the meantime,

I’ll be out there looking too ….



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