As you probably know by now, I am having a solo sculpture show at the Arts Council Gallery in September.

When you think about it, there seems to be a million things to do in order to be prepared for a show.

Yes that assumption is correct.

I sat down with the Arts Director Connie Weiner and started a list.  Then I realized a list would not cut it…I needed more!

I had to make myself a calendar of:

*All the promotional items I needed to collect,

*All the pieces I wanted in the show,

*When they needed to be photographed,

*And set deadlines for each of these items.

I printed it out and kept it in my date book.  I carried it with me everywhere.

For a “free thinker” it was a real burden.  I like new ideas and thinking out of the box.  But I needed to be organized.  (At least that is what Claire tells me…and she is usually right.)

One of the fun/ crazy things I had to accomplish was to have my photo made for the biographical materials.

Fun, because it is interesting to see what will come from the sessions.  (See paragraph above)

Crazy, because it sometimes get crazy trying to get an idea/ concept I have in my head converted to paper.

I called a longtime friend Beth Humphrey (Every Good Thing Photography) to try and capture the “essence of my existence” on paper….or just give me a good photo of myself that people would recognize.  (I am not known for taking great photos.)

We had a great time at the studio and she came up with a wonderful portrait.

And here it is…

me 1

Thank you Beth for the great work.

If you would like to see the real picture, come to the Onslow Co Arts Council in Jacksonville.

“The Art of Nature”  by Steve Zawistowski

Opening reception on September 8th  and running through the 27th.

I’ll see you there.



  1. Congrats on getting organized to get all this done! I wish I could be at your show. I’ll keep a good thought. BTW – GREAT portrait!


  2. Steve,
    Your art is awsome, I’m sure this one will also be out of the park!


  3. You are so talented. Proud of what you have accomplished. Glad we are friends. Can’t wait to see the show. Betsy


  4. I used to work for a Blacksmith when I was a kid and still hav esome of his tools. He was my Mentor. Passing through on my roadtrip


  5. What a great picture!


  6. That’s my good looking brother. Can’t wait to see your show.


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