The September Show Is for Real!

Big news!

I am putting on a one man show at the Arts Council in Jacksonville, NC.

I will share more info later about the specifics, but for now, I do know the opening will be on evening of Sept 8th.  The show will be in the gallery for the rest of the month.

What is the show, you may ask?

It is a celebration of the art of nature.  Nature is a great designer.  Everything she makes is for function… the natural beauty is a result of that function.

I am celebrating that blend of beauty and function in a collection of pieces which show natures skills with a useful intent.

In other words, I am showing pieces of furniture which incorporate native North Carolina plants and flowers into the furniture designs.

To make it simpler… here is a photo I just got back from my photographer Melissa Russell. (see her website here)

I call it the “Flower Bench”

flower bench

I’ll show more as the date gets closer…

There are 8 pieces in all.

As always, I’d love to know what you think.

Use the form below,


Email me at


1 Comment

  1. Hi Stephen,

    That’s great news! I hope that the show is well attended and I’m confident that your work will be well-received.

    I think that this bench is very well designed and I don’t think that you show enough of your finished work on your blog.



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