MAL-16 Logo

I recently was asked to design a 3D version of the MALS-16 logo. It was to be a birthday gift to the CO from his wife.

She wanted me to interpret his unit logo to be a wall hanging for the office. I had done other designs of unit logos, but this one was more detailed and was going to be a challenge.

(FYI- MALS means “Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron”)   

I researched the design to determined how to make it in multiple layers.  That took a bit of ingenuity… but figuring it out is the fun part.

The design looks like this in real life.


My drawing of it looked like this,


Then as the painting was done and the layers were welded and assembled it turned out to be very detailed and interesting.

Here is the side view photo. side viewAnd the final.

finished photoLet me know what you think.

Email me at,


Just use the form below.


See you next time.







  1. You are so amazingly talented. It is a perfect replica.


  2. I am impressed! When you said “layers”, I thought 2 or 3…I scroll down, and I see, what, 5 or 6? Amazing vision, my friend!


  3. Wow, just wow! You do such amazing work.


    • Tami,
      Thank you so much. I love making things and that makes it fun.


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