Can You Guess?

I was in the studio today and made something that I thought would make an interesting quiz.

Here are some photos of a project I was working on for about an hour this afternoon.  Now, it is just a small item, but it is an important part in the piece I was creating.  I will show you photos of the progression… and you see if you can figure it out before the end.

Here is the original cutout after it has been heated and forged into a cylinder

photo 1










Then the end is cut, heated and molded into around, closed cylinder.

photo 3photo 5

(With a little help from the MIG welder.)

The opening is heated and forged into a lip.

photo 6photo 7

And the top is forged into shape.

photo 8








Any ideas yet?

Here I am holding it so you can see the size.

photo 9

The second part is cut from 20 gage sheet metal and cut to shape.  Then it is heated and curved on the swedge block.

photo 10

To look like this…

photo 11

Then the two pieces are joined to finish up like this.

photo (13)








Any ideas?  It’s not finished. It needs to be sandblasted and be dyed or colored in some other way.







OK ….

It is the flower of a lady slipper orchid, or at least it will be…

This is all part of a project which I will talk more about in the near future.




Let me know what you think.

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  1. This is so cool! It’s beautiful. Thanks for sharing your works in progress. I don’t think I’d have guessed correctly at all!


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