The Zen Cat (Z is for Zen)

It is amazing, that after waiting my whole life for the letter Z to be called, I would not use something I made to represent the letter Z in this A to Z challenge.

But it is true.

Yes today’s art comes in the form of…

The Zen Kitty.

photo 2


I found him at the StoneGarden in Wilmington (sellers of stones, not growers of stone).

He was so peaceful that I had to have him for the herb garden.

(he was made by Designer Stone inc at

photo 1

He now meditates over the pizza oven in the back yard.

Let me know what you think of him…


The A to Z challenge has been a blast …but I will be slowing down the blogs because I just don’t know enough to keep writing something interesting every day.

But I will still be looking for beautiful things around me …

and hope you will too.


See ya next time.





  1. Oh, he is simply wonderful! Glad I found him, and your blog, better late than never! Congrats on finishing the challenge!


  2. Hi there – gave you a mention on my AtoZ reflections post ~


  3. I always looked forward to what the letter of the day would show me.
    I love the Zen Kitty.


  4. Love the zen kitty. Wish I could find one. I’ll check the link. In the meantime, can I borrow his picture for a someday post on my blog?


    • sure Janice, you can send the photos of the Zen Kitty anywhere you like. I just hope it doesn’t go to his head.


  5. I love Zen Kitty.

    I will struggle I’m sure with what to write next since I’m not under the pressure of the A-Z.


  6. I love him! I want a zen kitty of my own.

    Stephen, I have so enjoyed your postings in this challenge. You are a delight!

    Thrift Shop Commando


    • Thanks a bunch. I have enjoyed meeting all kinds of new folks via their blogs. the one a day deal was indeed a challenge… but I survived!


  7. I’m not into the whole zen thing, but I am into peaceful surroundings. You have shared some beautiful posts. Thanks and I will keep checking in as time allows. The cat put a smile on my face. Don’t let his peaceful demeanor full you. If you find a slice of pizza missing…


    • there is a dog, cat, rabbit, and maybe one other in the set… but the kitty was the most peaceful of all so it got to come home with me. Ill keep an eye on the pizza next time, just in case.


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