Y is for Yesteryear

Today’s letter in the April A to Z Challenge is Y for yesteryear.

My never ending quest for the art which is all around us had led me to spend a wonderful weekend in Valle Crucis NC with my wife and our best friends. As is our custom, we set out to find locations which celebrated yesteryear.  We love finding those places which hold wonderful history and deserve to be returned to life.

old house

Here is one of the un-restored treasures of yesteryear that we thought was just fantastic.  What a great project this would be!

We also looked for places which had been returned to their original glory.

And boy did we find one!

                   The 1861 Farmhouse Restaurantnight 2s

After seeing it, we immediately made reservations for Saturday night.

Oh, did we have a great time that evening!  The glamour of yesteryear was present for a casual, yet fabulous, dinner.

We were greeted by the owner, Alison Garrett, who told us a bit of its history and the story of how they revived this farmhouse built in 1861.  It took them two years of intense renovation to bring the house back to life as a fabulous restaurant and awarding winning winery.

The professional staff presented a wonderful meal, (I had the mountain rainbow trout. encrusted with fresh pecans, and served with a lemon and opal basil beurre blanc sauce and creamy fresh herb risotto… Oh my gosh!).  It was  complimented by a bottle of the Farmhouse’s own wine.

(You can see their whole menu here)


 Yesteryear was graciously represented by the 1861 Farmhouse.

And that makes it the Art for the Day.

Keep your eyes open for those places where brave souls have slaved long and hard to rescues an old treasure…and bring it back to glory,  like the Garretts have done with the 1861 Restaurant.

When you find them send me a photo.  I would love to share it with you.

Use the form below or email me at steve@stephenzmetaldesigns.com

Only one day to go, Z is tomorrow….

See ya then.


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