Olives X 18 (X is for Times… didn’t you take math?)

The A to Z Challenge is is almost over.  It has been a fun time finding art in the world around me and showing it to you each day.

Well today I am looking hard.  The letter is X  and I could not get the idea out of my head that x stands for xcitement.   As some of you may know xcitement does not start with an X.  so back to the drawing board.

Come on, I am an artist…I can get creative… well it took a while but I did.

Today’s art is Olives X 18  (that would be pronounced – olives times eighteen.)


If you are a lover of olives like my wife and I… you would understand why a fresh food market with this selection of olives is indeed art! 

So, that is the art for today.


If you think I have cheated or if you don’t agree…let me know.

You can comment in the form below or reach me at



See ya tomorrow…



  1. Great to meet you via A-Z!
    And yummy olive art, to boot 🙂


  2. You must be at Harris Teeter or Fresh Market?


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