Vintage Wood (V is for Vintage)

I love old wood… or most wood in general.

That is why you will see entries all the time, on my blog, about me visiting the older guy with the sawmill near my studio.  It is just beautiful to me. 

And then you add in the age factor!

That is where we are today.  I found a log which had been pulled out of a local creek during a very dry spell.  The old timer who pointed it out said it had been there as long as he can remember.

(and he was 90 years old).

We dried it for a while at the mill and then sawed it into boards.  I have had them drying in my studio for 2 years.

Well it is time to make something of them.

My first project is the seat of a bench.  Not just any bench… the bench of the signature piece for a solo art show I will be doing in the fall (more on that later).

Well, the seat is made and ready to go.  It has been treated with oil and is curing a little more, waiting for the next coat.

photo 1a 

I thought it would ne the art for today.

 Just the beauty of the wood itself.


If you appreciate the vintage wood, I’d love to hear about it.

 Email me at


Use the form below.


Oh by the way… this board has 240 growth rings from the center to where the edge is broken off!

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