Pizza (P is for Pizza)

Some of you may not think pizza can be art… oh but how you are wrong!

A while back I got the idea to make a wood fired pizza oven.

Don’t ask me why.  It was because it seemed like a challenge (IT WAS).

And it would be something no one else around here had done.

Anyway enough of that…

Here is a photo of the oven with the first pizza going in.

pizza one

Yes that is homemade dough,  and sauce, and toppings!

OK the toppings were not homemade.

I don’t even know what is in pepperoni…

Anyway here is the art.  The pizza on the way out.   And into the stomachs of those gathered.


Here is the photo….

pizza two


If you think it is art, let me know.


Use the form below.

See ya next time.





  1. Steve,

    Cooking is definitely an art!



  2. Your oven is definitely a work of art – it’s beautiful. The pizza, well… a very ephemeral artwork perhaps. Friend of mine (an artist) made one which lasted a bit longer: the pepperoni etc were fixed to a cowpat base. The lucky recipient placed it on the garden where the birds enjoyed the embellishments and the cowpat gradually became one with the soil.


  3. Mr. VZ has talked about making one of those. Was it worth all the effort?

    Thrift Shop Commando


    • Oh Yes! it is the most fun to fire it upon a cold night and stand around the door eating pizza.
      email me and I will tell you where to find plans.


  4. I’m Italian, I can only agree with you!


    • this is the same over design used in Pompeii 3000 years ago. if it worked for them, it will work for me.


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