Over and Over Again (O is for Over Again)

I know I have set up this blog challenge to find art all around us…well this one was not around US

But it was around ME at least…

I had the opportunity to go to India about two years ago.  And while there, I went to a place in Delhi called the Red Fort.  It was built in the 1400s, by hand!

While I was there I was looking for details. And I found them.  The stone carvings were fabulous.  Then to think, it was all done by hand.

So here is the photo for the day.  A single carving.  Made over and over again.

Not one at a time, then pieced together.

No it is all one piece which was carved for about 30 yards.  I don’t know how they did it.

It is art.   It is craft.  It is unbelievable.


Let me know what you think of the craft from the 15the century.

at Steve@stephenzmetaldesigns.com


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  1. Hello, my friend. I, too, love art of many kinds. When I was in Jordan about 37 years ago, I had the opportunity to see Petra, the city carved in stone by people who were suspended from cliffs in order to do the carving. It was the most fascinating place I have ever seen. Have you ever been there? Thank you for your beautiful photos and commentary. Best regards to you. Ruby.


    • Ruby,
      I have seen only photos of Petra… oh how I would love to go. all by hand is just amazing. I am even amazed by banisters in a colonial home, knowing they are each turned by hand…
      thanks for joining me in the a to z challenge


  2. In our progressive minds we think such precision could never be done by hand. But then we realize we could not conceive of how to do it with machines if it had never been done by hand.


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